Liasse Serviços, Lda is a company dedicated to the catering service and management of social centers, duly registered at the Registry of Legal Entities, under the number 400501149.

Its first and last objective is to be a reference company in the services provided, making available to the effect of an effective and personalized team, in quality and good taste, giving priority to the organization.

We bring together the professional skills appropriate to your event and we have the indispensable means to win and deserve the trust of our clients, we are able to contribute to the success of your moments.

General manager – Evaristo Liasse


Quality assurance

Our services are provided with a hygiene and safety mechanism based on continuous self-monitoring, periodic site inspections so that quality is not a goal every day for us, but a starting point to confirm.


The Liasse & Services consists of 51 workers among them one can find servants, cooks and chef, as staff directly connected to the service of baking, baking and pastry.

To fulfill our objectives of better serving our customers, we have our own transportation equipped with modern cold system and a communication line for the work team. Taking all these resources into account, we are able to offer our services to a maximum of 3000 people.


Our Clients

At present, Liasse & Service’s has contracts to provide meals and catering to employees in various institutions, where it provides more than 2000 meals a day.

Among them can be highlighted:

-Municipal Council of Maputo

-Iscisa (Higher Institute of Sciences in Health)

-FDC (Foundation for Community Development)

-ANP (National Fisheries Administration)

-Assembly of the Republic


-ICAP-Global Hearth Action

-World Bank

We also have the Ministry of Culture, Pedagogical University, Braz and Associates Lda, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor, as our clients, offering catering services on time.